Waterproof & Long-Lasting Lip Gloss Mask


Introducing Amazing 6 Colors Peel Off Liquid Lipstick - the revolutionary long-lasting lip gloss that's also waterproof and moisturizing! With its unique tear-pull formula, it leaves your lips looking flawless and lint-free. Say goodbye to smudging and hello to vibrant, beautiful lips all day long.

1. The lip membrane in accordance with the lip, spread evenly, then wait 5-10 minutes to dry.
2. Then its surface, from the external lip hair slowly tear.
3. Lip tear film, with cotton tidy, may be appropriate for applying lip gloss or lip gloss, lip more radiant.

Model: Tear-off lip gloss
Specifications: normal specifications
Shelf life: three years
Ingredients: minerals

Style1: Rose Pink,
Style2: Cherry Red,
Style3: Sex Red,
Style4: Watermelon,
Style5: Lovely Peach,
Style6: Sweet Orange

Package Content:
1*Ladies lipstick

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