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Mini Ice Cooling Cup


*Food-grade aluminum cup can be used as a daily drinking cup; ABS food-grade material is safe, healthy, beautiful and durable
*Using a high thermal conductivity heat absorption cast aluminum cold forging blade radiator. Large heat dissipation aluminum effectively guarantees lower cooling and cooling efficiency to achieve the best cooling effect
It is quick and easy to use. With a one-button start, the temperature of the metal dial of the base starts to cool. If using an aluminum cup directly, pour the drink into the cup to cool
*Stable foot pads, stable placement and not easy to slip
* Convenient to carry, it can be taken anywhere, such as to the office, school, travel, picnic, or camping. It can be used with a car charger, so you can also enjoy the cold summer in the car.

Product information

Product Name: Quick Refrigeration Cup
Cup material: food-grade aluminum
Control method: one-key, easy to open
Cooling method: semiconductor refrigeration
Voltage frequency: 220V ~ 50Hz
Color: white, pink, blue, or green
Scope of application: beer, beverage, coffee, wine yogurt, juice, etc.

Size Information:

Packing list:

Cooling cup  * 1

base * 1

Power Adapter * 1

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