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Hair Scalp Massage Brush An...


Type : Scalp Massage Brush
Item : Hairbrush Head Massage Comb
Material : Bristle + Nylon hairbrush
Handle : Rubber
Quantity : 1 piece
Color : Pink/ Red/ Black
Size : Full Size
Size : Approx. 24.7, 7.5, 4.3 cm/9.7, 3.0, 1.7in (L - W - H)
Benefit : Easy to Handle and clean

Bristle and nylon comb head: The comb head is made of bristle and nylon, making it easier to clean.
Arched comb head: Arched design, elegant appearance.
Massage function: Round hair teeth can massage your head, promoting your hair growth.
Soft handle: Its handle is made of rubber, softer and more comfortable.
Hook Design: Can be hung on any steel bars/ racks, saving more space. Non-slip design: Non-slip design makes it convenient to hold.

Package Included

1 X Bristle Hairbrush (Choose the color you like)

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