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Disposable Brush Pot


innovatively designed disposable brush head, which is healthier to hang to dry, and say goodbye to mold nuisance
Humanized 45° lengthened handle design, comfortable handle saves worry and effort, hands do not need to touch washing and dirtying
Disposable and replaceable scouring pad, high-density material, deterrence increased by 30%, strong decontamination and anti-scratch

Product Information:
Color: one-time fried wok brush replacement head * 12 pieces [recommended], one-time fried wok brush replacement head * 6 pieces [test package], [refill] scouring pad * 12 pieces, [Refill] scouring pad * 24 pieces
Function: clean
Material: Plastic
Category: Wok brush

Packing List:
Cleaning kit X1

Product Image:

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